Proposed Future

       Our ability to move forward and our propensity for change, is greatly effected by our perspective on life. The way our views are framed constructs our version of our future. Proposed Future looks at these frameworks through a deconstruction of modernism and its utopian ideas. It explores the built landscape and its effects on our perceptions and our ability to plan ahead. Architecture is the most visible sign of a society's faith and trust in the future. With a landscape of unfinished projects and endings of plans, how can society begin to plan or look towards  a future? or do we stay in a state of inertia and apathy. 



                  Plans -wall drawings.

                   Model of a proposed structure and potential building material
                   for end structure

                  Oil and gesso on mdf- 

                   Installation shot

Ann Marie Webb,
Jan 8, 2011, 2:17 PM